Decluttering and home organising

Decluttering service in Edinburgh

What does it do?

Moving house can be an exhausting and hugely stressful time.   It is a well acknowledged fact that a clutter free home with defined zones will sell faster and for more money and without a doubt any money spent on the task will easily be recouped in the increased sale price.

I offer hands on help and advice to help you create a spacious and attractive home ready for viewings. This process is about creating an attractive space that you will be able to keep tidy and presentable (decluttered and organised) during the viewing period. The added bonus? Packing up and unpacking after your house move will be easier – more time and energy saved.

Who it is for?

Any person needing help with organising their home or decluttering

What it costs:

Hands on help – £30/hr.
One to one personally tailored advice session – from £95.


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