Edinburgh Garden Partners

Edinburgh gardening matching service for older people and volunteers

What does it do?


  1. Reduce loneliness and social isolation by creating befriending matches between older, disabled or vulnerable garden owners and garden volunteers.
  2. To support older people to maintain their independence, stay in their own home and enable them to feel positive about their garden areas
  3. Improve the physical and mental health of both garden owners and garden volunteers through a shared interest in gardening.
  4. Create intergenerational relationships that foster community connectedness and build resilience among older, disabled and vulnerable people.

Who it is for?

We reduce loneliness and isolation by matching elderly, disabled or vulnerable adults who can no longer maintain their garden with volunteers looking for a shared space to grow.


Info last updated:

1 Osborne Terrace, C/O Care & Repair, Edinburgh, EH12 5HG