Community Ambulance

Portlethen Community Ambulance

What does it do?

The Community Ambulance also transports members of Senior Citizens Lunch Clubs to and from their weekly meetings in Portlethen and Newtonhill. 

On Sunday mornings, the Ambulance is used by Portlethen Church to transport worshippers who have transport or mobility problems. On Sunday afternoons, the ambulance is used by Portlethen Christian Fellowship. 

Who it is for?

Each weekday, the Ambulance is used to transport patients living in Portlethen, Newtonhill, Muchalls and surrounding area, who have difficulty getting to and from the Medical Centre in Portlethen. The transport service is booked directly through the Medical Centre, usually at the same time as a person is booking an appointment for the Doctor, Nurse or Physiotherapist. 

Where it is available?

Local service serving within 10km of AB124PT.


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