The Home Straight

Moving home service for older people living in Scotland

What does it do?

If you are an older person, The Home Straight is Scotland’s only expert provider of services designed to help you move to a new home or adapt your current home to enable you to live there safely and independently. We also advise on improving wellbeing and accessing government health and social care services including financial support.

We want to help you get on with life, be independent, connected, respected and live, for as long as possible, in your own home. With this goal in mind we offer:

  • ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?” Helping you assess all your options using our ‘Home for Life’ Toolkit
  • Advice on moving, downsizing to a smaller property or, if necessary, moving to sheltered housing, residential care home or nursing home including reputation checks to help your selection
  • Organising all aspects of downsizing and moving you and your belongings to your new home including:
  1. De-cluttering and helping you decide what you really want and need to keep
  2. Recycling and/or selling unwanted items
  3. Preparing your current home for sale including arranging for any repairs or refurbishments and signposting you if necessary to trusted trades people
  4. Organising all aspects of your move including sourcing boxes and packing materials, packing up your belongings for you, organising and liaising with the removal company, arranging care for your pets if necessary
  5. Identifying any alterations needed to ensure your new home is adapted for your needs, organising and managing these to completion, identifying, sourcing and educating you on the use of relevant adaptive equipment and signposting you if necessary to trusted trades peopleEnsuring your wellbeing in later life is as important as keeping as physically healthy

Who it is for?

The Home Straight was founded by sisters Olivia Robertson DipCOT SROT* and Clare Cooper M.A. in March 2012 with the goal of helping older people live, for as long as possible in their own home.

Where it is available?

National service (Scotland).

What it costs:

We begin with a consultation in your own home. If you live within a 30 mile radius of our home base of Alyth we can offer this for FREE. If you live further away we will offer a free introductory phone or video conversation via Skype, following which we can arrange a full consultation visit for which we would charge a modest fee to cover the cost of extra fuel and travel time.

How to access or apply for it:

To discuss how we might help you call 07840 544420 or visit our website to email us. 


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