TLC Care Services LLP

Home Care Catered to you and your needs

What does it do?

 TLC Care Services LLP is a home care agency that assists service users within their homes in the community.  We support clients with a range of activities such as Personal Hygiene, Domestic Chores, Meal Preparation, Shopping, Companionship, Respite, Live in Care and Night Sits.  We listen and work with the service user to create a person centred care plan where they are matched with carers who care for them with dignity while respecting their choices.

Who it is for?

For the Elderly and or Vulnerable Adults within the community

Where it is available?

Local service (Ealing, Barnet, Brent).

What it costs:

The cost starts at £15/hour  on the day rate but will depend on the needs of the Service User, we normally have a per hour weekday rate, weekend rate, night rate, night sit in rate, bank holiday rate.  We also have a Live In rate. For where a service user is assisted on a half, 3/4 hourly rate etc., the appropriate rate will be pro rataed but further and exact details can be got by calling us.

There are more details regarding funding on the NHS website;

How to access or apply for it:

All our prospective service Users, their family, friends or next of kin can call or visit our office

What to expect then:

All Service Users, their friends, family, next of kin and or potential Service Users will  have their queries treated with respect, our quality of care is high because it caters for your needs.  We treat you as an individual and we will be available to answer your concerns 24 hours a day.  

Additional information:

TLC Care Services LLP operates an On Call Service meaning that even after work hours, there is someone at the other end of the phone who will answer you queries and/ concerns and offer you as much help and or advise you of any other additional resources for help.


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