Housing register

What does it do?

We provide advice and assistance to help our customers either stay in their current home or find alternative accommodation where staying is not an option.

Our first priority will be to help you stay in your current home. This may include:

  • speaking with your landlord if they have asked you to leave and advising you of your rights to stay in your home
  • giving you advice in dealing with rent or mortgage arrears
  • reviewing any disrepair issues, such as damp or condensation
  • giving you money management and budgeting advice
  • helping you contact other organisations who may be able to provide you with financial or practical support including help into employment and training.

If we are unable to find a way for you to stay in your current home, we will discuss your other housing options with you. We will:

  • give you advice on how to rent privately and help you work out how much rent you can afford to pay at your new home
  • help you work out which areas are affordable for you to live in. You may not be able to afford to live in Barnet anymore
  • look at what support we can offer you to find a new home. If we help you find a new home it will most likely be with a private landlord and it may not be in Barnet. Very few people who approach us for help are offered council or housing association properties.