Care and Repair Newcastle

What does it do?

Care and Repair Newcastle is a not for profit service that provides services to help people to live in homes that are comfortable, safe and secure.

We help disabled people, older people and homeowners with grants and loans to adapt or improve their homes.  We also offer information and advice to help you take care of your home.

Disabled Facilities Grants

If you or someone you live with is disabled and your home needs adaptations to make it accessible Care and Repair Newcastle may be able to provide a grant to help with the cost.

Disabled Facilities Grants are a way of helping disabled and older people to live independently in their own homes. We provide a range of adaptations to help disabled and older people to live in their home safely and with dignity.

Equipment Loan Scheme

If you have difficulty getting up and down stairs or in and out of the bath Care and Repair Newcastle’s free Equipment Loan Scheme could help. Our free Equipment Loan scheme can provide stair lifts and hoists free of charge and without the need for a financial assistance.

Helping Hands Home Repair

Have you got a leaking roof? Are you worried your front door isn’t secure? Is your heating system inefficient? If you’re a home owner who is struggling to afford the repairs you need to make your home comfortable, safe and secure an equity loan from Helping Hands Home repair could be the answer you’re looking for.

Gas Safety

If a gas appliance isn't working properly it can be a risk to you, your family and your home. A gas leak, carbon monoxide poisoning or a fire could lead to serious injury or death. If you are a home owner and are worried that your gas appliance isn't safe we may be able to help with a Gas Safety Grant.

The Gas Safe Charity has given us a limited amount of funding to help older and disabled people with the cost of carrying out gas safety checks and servicing and repairing gas appliances that aren't working properly.