Chain Reaction

What does it do?

We are outcome-focused and our staff will support people to meet their needs in a creative and person-centred way. We aim to include the following three elements in the support we offer people.

1. One-to-one personalised support

This will be different for each person, and could include:

  • support to address health issues
  • support around budgeting
  • help to make phone calls or deal with correspondence
  • being someone to talk to who knows the individual
  • domestic skills, such as food preparation

2. Connecting people to their community

  • This might include:
  • help to get out and do the shopping
  • finding out what’s going on in the community and local area
  • help to reconnect or get involved with local groups and activities

3. Connecting people to others and creating a network of natural support

  • We want to help to prevent people feeling lonely by:
  • having some support to come to groups and meeting new people
  • making new friends, or reconnecting with family or old friends who are important to the individual
  • connecting with people who have shared interests