A Perfect PA Limited

Elite Home Support

What does it do?

A Perfect PA was created on the premise that “everyone needs a little help sometimes”.

The company was developed to provide this help - much needed companionship, lots of housework, shopping, paperwork, appointments and getting out and about with clients. We also wanted, very strongly, to ensure that our support followed the edict of Independence, Choice and Control and specifically matched with the client, after all, no-one wants someone fussing around them that they don’t get on with!

We have grown as people, as a family and as a caring business so much since 2017, developing and learning to make our service better and we are so proud of what we offer to you our clients and to our wonderful PA’s.

We are a truly unique service and we pride ourselves on transparent, safe care, working closely with clients, family members and  professionals to ensure a tailored support plan is specific to your needs, your wants and your wishes and not to ours! Support as individual as you are!

We are also active in trying to improve the perception of our Care Industry and especially those carers who work so hard for us all. As such, our PA’s are recognised as Professionals in their field—one day the role of a carer will be acknowledged as a profession, until that time we keep fighting!

Who it is for?

Adults 18+. Older Persons. Individuals with disabilities. Individuals with a life limiting illness. Carers. Family Support.

Where it is available?

Regional service (Buckinghamshire, Greater London, Hertfordshire).

What it costs:

Call for more information

How to access or apply for it:

www.aperfectpa.co.uk or call 01895 717805 - we love to chat

What to expect then:

Once contacted we will arrange to come and meet you to discuss your requirements. We will complete a Personalised Action Plan (PAP). If you decide to book our services we will look to 'match' the right PA for you and we will aim to keep consistency with your personalised PA.


Info last updated:

Head Office, P O Box 371, Henlow, Bedfordshire, SG6 9HU