Housing grants

What does it do?

The Flexible Home Improvement Loan is for home owners aged 60 or over and can be used:

- for essential repairs to your home, for example upgrading your heating system or
- to invest in a newly refurbished bathroom or
- towards a Disabled Facilities Grant if the total cost is greater than the grant you can claim.

Details of the loan

- is a form of equity release mortgage with a low rate of interest and
- can be repaid at any time by regular monthly payments, occasional payments or no payments at all
- can be paid off at any time without penalty
- must be repaid if the home is sold or if the owners cease to occupy it

For more information please:

- See the Flexible Home Improvement Loan leaflet
- Call 01993 861000
- Visit the Flexible Home Improvement Loan Ltd website http://www.fhil.org/