Care & Repair Service

What does it do?

If you are disabled and find it difficult to cope in your home you may be able to get adaptations carried out to make your home easier for you to use.

Adaptations may include:

  • grab rails located in the bathroom or at the entrance
  • widening doors for wheelchair access
  • a level access shower
  • a stair lift
  • a ramp.

All adaptations are considered by the Council's Occupational Therapy Service who will recommend what works would help you most.

In some situations if may not be feasible to adapt your home and, in those situations, the Occupational Therapist will offer to complete a Housing Needs Assessment to be used to support a move to a more appropriate property.

Who it is for?

This service is available for owner-occupiers (and private sector tenants with repairing responsibilities) who are over 70 years old or have a disability or severe health problems.

Where it is available?

Local service (Hounslow).

What it costs:

All adaptations to council-owned properties are free of charge. But if your property has been valued under the Right-to-Buy scheme we will treat you as a private householder.  For privately owned properties (home owners, private and housing association tenants) major adaptations would be completed via a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG)

How to access or apply for it:

Contact us by phone or email us. We will contact you as soon as possible for further information and you will be registered on our waiting list.

What to expect then:

We will contact you as soon as possible for further information and you will be registered on our waiting list. We will visit you in your home to discuss the works you are considering • We will inspect your property and report back to you with our suggestions • If you decide to proceed with some or all of the works we will prepare specifications. We can then indicate how much the works might cost • If the cost worries you, we can advise on whether there is any financial assistance available from the Council or explore alternative funding • We will obtain quotations from contractors • Once the works are in progress, we will oversee them until they are completed • We will carry out a final inspection to ensure standards of workmanship • We will also help you to deal with any disruption or problems that may arise while the works are in progress

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