Hartley Locums

Great Value Nurse Led Home Care Provider in Warwickshire

What does it do?

Hartley Locums can provide domiciliary care such as personal care, meal preparations, assistance with medications, light housework, accompany Clients to hospital, GP visits.

Who it is for?

Adults who needs extra support to enable them continue living independently in their own homes.

Where it is available?

Regional service (Oxfordshire, Warwickshire).

What it costs:


Weekday Rates
1 hour - £18
45 min - £15
30 min - £10
15 min - £8

Saturday/Night Rates

1 hour - £19
45 mins - £16
30 mins - £11
15 mins - £9

Sunday/Bank Holiday Rates
1 Hour - £22
45 mins - £19 
30 mins - £15
15 min - £12

Nights (21:00 - 07:00)

How to access or apply for it:

by phone or email

What to expect then:

We will come and make an assessment to see if we are able to offer a package of care. If we are able to accept the client then we will send an invoice, a contract of service and a standing order instructions.

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