Safeguarding Adults

What does it do?

We all have responsible for the protection of the vulnerable and reporting any concerns we may have.

If you are ever worried or concerned about the safety or wellbeing of a vulnerable adult, older person or child please contact Social Care Direct. You do not have to give your name you can make an anonymous call.

A vulnerable adult depends on other people for at least some of their care and support.

We all need to know:-
- what adult abuse is and
- what our role is in protecting people

Abuse refers to various forms of force, threats and fraud.
The main forms of abuse are:-

- Physical Abuse - This is violence, which causes pain or injury
- Sexual Abuse - This is unwanted sexual or touching behaviour without consent
- Psychological abuse - This is anything said or writteb which causes emotional distress or anxiety
- Neglect and acts of omission - This is the failure to provide care or attention to the point where a person's health or safety is affected
- Discriminatory Abuse - This is unfair treatment because of a person's race, gender, sexual choice, religion or disability 
- Financial or Material Abuse - The theft or misuse of a person's property, money, possessions or benefits.

An abuser can be anybody.