YESOK - Standard - pro-active text support service

What does it do?

The service pro-actively Texts a user, twice, morning and evening, and waits for response.

If a réponse is logged from the question asked, "Are you okay?", then it is logged and no further is required.

If no response is received within 30 minutes we get in touch with the Primary contact to inform them.

If a response is received, but the answer is "No" we contact the Primary contact requesting them to call immediately.

Who it is for?

Those living alone, and those who have little contact.

Where it is available?

National service (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales).

What it costs:

This service is priced at £5.99 per month.

How to access or apply for it:

By visiting

What to expect then:

Once the service is signed up, and payment is made, they will be sent a message.


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