Home Help Companions

Lower cost home help live in companions and carers

What does it do?

Home Help Companions is a unique introduction agency for elderly people and truly lovely live-in Home Help Companions.

Companions must have proven experience, skills, qualifications, DBS checks and excellent references. 

We carry out "Intelligent Profiling" of all our elderly clients and Companions and we carefully match both parties in terms of needs, skills and personality, to ensure long and happy relationships between our elderly clients and their carer/companion. 

Companions provide practical help, support, company and care for independent older peole in their own home. 

Full and part-time companions:

  • provide company in the home
  • provide domestic help: cleaning, laundry, cooking
  • run errands: picking up prescriptions, walking the dog
  • accompany you to appointments or on outings to restaurants, cinema, National Trust gardens

It is a lower-cost home-help solution for live-in care. 
Full-time companions are usually ex-nurses or experienced carers. 
Part-time companions live with you in your house, but usually have another job during the daytime in a care-related profession. 

Who it is for?

Elderly people who live at home and need extra help and/or company in and around the home. 

Elderly people who want to stay in their own homes and keep their independence for longer with a little help. 

People who have a spare room and are able to manage and pay their companion directly and not through an agency. 

Elderly people who are looking for full time care at a lower cost. NB Your companions' time-off will need to be supplemented with external agency care staff.

Where it is available?

National service (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales).

What it costs:

As part of our home-help exchange, you provide your companion with free accommodation and meals in return for their help around the home. With no agency commissions to pay, it is also much cheaper than having an agency carer. 

Part-time companions usually earn £90-£150 per week. 
Full-time companions earn £450-£650 per week depending on hours, skills, experience, duties and location. 

The agency charges just one one-off introduction fee of £575. or 4 x weekly salary (see website for fee table)

How to access or apply for it:

Please see our website at www.homecarecompanions.co.uk/ or telephone: 01403 711 639

What to expect then:

A personal consultation on the telephone where we explain the service in detail and how we use "intelligent profiling" to find you a compatible companion who matches your needs in terms of location, hours, skills and personality. 

Additional information:

Plesae see our website for more information: www.homehelpcompanions.co.uk or telephone us for a chat: 01403 711 639

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