Locate the best estate agent to sell your home

What does it do?

GetAgent compares estate agents in your area and shows you which will do the best job of selling your home, based on their past performance. For each agent it tells you:

Average Sell Time: The average time properties listed by the agent are on the market. A shorter time is preferable if you want a quick sale.

Properties Listed: The number of properties listed by the agent in the last 6 months within 1km of your property. This is a good indicator of how experienced the agent is.

Asking Price Achieved: This is the final sales price divided by the original asking price. Less than 100% could indicate properties are over-valued and therefore take longer to sell.

GetAgent also enables you to request quotes from any or all the estate agents it recommends. 

Who it is for?

Anyone who is selling a property

Where it is available?

National service (England, Scotland, Wales).

What it costs:

GetAgent is completely free to use to compare the performance of your local estate agents.

How to access or apply for it:

Just click our website link above.

Additional information:

Message from Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC)
Advertising GetAgent on our HousingCare website is a new departure for EAC. We've met the GetAgent team and been impressed by the usefulness and simplicity of this web app. And the fact that it's free to use - they earn their income by charging a referral fee to estate agents who find customers through the app.

We agree with them when they say: "One of the major issues with property is lack of transparency. Most Estate Agents look and sound the same. Homeowners don't know which one will do a good job. So we set out to create a transparent way to help owners find the best agent for them."

So we feel comfortable to promote GetAgent, and if it leads to business for them, to accept a cut of what they earn to help support EAC's services. We also hope to work with the GetAgent team on projects of our own in the future. 


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