Keep Your Pet

What does it do?

Who would look after your pet whilst you were in hospital? For many older people in York, their pets are a part of their life, and they worry about what would happen if they were ill at home or taken into hospital. Keep Your Pet, an Age UK York service, provides older and vulnerable owners with short term help and support to care for their pets during difficult times.

This service  provides short-term assistance for domestic pet owners who are older or vulnerable and living in the York and Selby areas at times of health or other emergencies.

Below you will find details of how to register with us to get help and support with your pet and also more information about the opportunities ther are for volunteers to get involved.

What we do

 Keep Your Pet  offers services such as

  • Dog Walking

  • Visiting a home to feed an animal

  • Taking an animal to the vet

  • Short term fostering for any domestic animal

These services are provided by volunteers who have undergone rigorous vetting and training.  Out fosterers have had a home assessment by the RSPCA York and District Branch.