Food & Friends Project

Food and nutrition project in Kensington and Chelsea

What does it do?

The Food & Friends Project is a programme comprising of a range of activities around food and nutrition. It aims to improve people’s health through enjoyable activities including lunch groups and cooking sessions, giving people opportunities to socialise with the focus on food.

Lunch groups

The group lunches are designed for people to get a regular fresh, hot, reasonably priced meal and if they wish to make new friends. We also have intergenerational group lunches with young volunteers which are held at local schools during term times. Lunch trips to restaurants and pubs are also planned.

One to One Volunteer Project

Food & Friends can also help people who are not able to get out on their own and need some support to eat well. We offer short term (3 months) and long term (6 months) one-to-one sessions with a volunteer visitor. We help individuals regain confidence about cooking and eating while incorporating other activities such as walking, reading or any interest the individual may have. Our volunteers are trained by the Central London Community Healthcare Nutrition and Dietetics team.

Cooking courses

These are regular cooking courses which run for 6 week blocks focusing on cooking simple healthy meals, as well as giving helpful nutrition advice. They are a great opportunity to meet, cook and eat with others.

Who it is for?

Older people in Kensington and Chelsea

Where it is available?

Local service (Kensington and Chelsea).

How to access or apply for it:

See contact details above


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