Best at Home

Affordable, trusted, safe, professional and caring.

What does it do?

We offer the following services:

Day or evening care:  Helping you getting up, getting washed, dressed, bathe, shower and any personal care you need.  We also support with preparing light meals, light housekeeping duties amongst many other support that you require.  We offer as much or as little as you need and can visit as frequently as you ask whether it is nursing, personal or social care.

Transitional support services:  No one wishes to stay in hospital for longer than necessary and if you are safe to be discharged earlier from hospital with home care support then Best at Home is happy to help you achieve this.
At Best at Home we endeavour to help you recover, convalesce and reach your optimum level of functioning and we provide this support for as long or as short as you need it.
At Best at Home we are also happy to work with other health care professionals who are already involved in your care to ensure continuity of care and speed up your recovery.

Meals and shopping:  We can take you out shopping or we can do it on your behalf; whichever is best for you.  Staff at Best at Home are happy to do your shopping whether it is food or clothing and can prepare light meals for you when you need it.

Taking you out:   Once a while it is good to add a little bit of extra happiness and cheer to your daily routine.  Best at Home can arrange for staff to go with you and spend some time outdoors for fresh air.  Whether you wish to go out for a walk, to town for a coffee, attend GP/Hospital appointments, watch a movie, attend a religious service, visit a friend or socialise. 

Well-being visits:  Best at Home provides well-being visits daily for as long or as short as you need it.  It feels good to know at times that someone will be visiting you every day for a friendly talk or any other relevant activity to ensure that you are well when your loved ones are far away from you.

Companionship: Best at Home also provides companionship which can be from one hour to all day depending on your needs.  Our staff can make you lunch, do some housekeeping, play a game of scrabble or any other relevant activities you would like during this time to reduce loneliness or boredom.

Who it is for?

The service is aimed to help elderly people in their own home but it is also for anyone with a physical or mental disability who are not fully able to look after themselves or live independently.

Where it is available?

Local service (Sutton, Merton).

What it costs:

The service is charged at hourly rate but our staff are happy to help with applying for Direct Payments and see if you are eligible for any financial help from the local authority/social Services.

How to access or apply for it:

Please visit the website: or ring me on 0771 5656 210 any time day or night and someone will answer it.

What to expect then:

A full assessments of your needs will be carried out to decide how much inout you will require.  This assessment is FREE of charge and is carried out with your input and that of your family or friend or next of kin and it is 100 % transparent.

Additional information:

We cover the boroughs of Merton and Sutton in London.


Info last updated:

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