Peace of mind for you and your family

What does it do?

Telecare services use technology to help you live more independently at home. Telecare services are especially helpful for people with long-term conditions, as they can give you and your relatives’ peace of mind that you're safe in your own home and that your health is stable, without you having to make regular visits to your doctor’s surgery. They can also help you live independently in your own home for longer, so you can avoid a hospital stay or put off moving into a residential care home.

We supply a technology enable care service bespoke to meet your needs in your home, some of which can let a family member, friend, neighbour, know by phone when there's something wrong. These include:

Supplying a personal alarm, where you raise the alert by pressing a button that you keep on you at all times; it's usually on a small wristband or a pendant that you wear around your neck. Supplying motion sensors, which make accidents and falls less likely by automatically switching on your bathroom or hallway lights at night when you get out of bed.

Other sensors can raise the alarm that something is wrong. These include a pressure mat on your mattress that can tell if you've not made it back into bed or a sensor on a door that can tell if it's open or closed. Then if you have a fall, or you haven't got back into bed after going to the toilet in the night, or you've forgotten to close the outside
door, the sensor raises the alarm. 

Our GP led monitoring service is on hand 24/7 to help whatever the problem, whenever it happens.



Who it is for?

Telecare is a service that enables people, especially older and vulnerable people, to continue to live independently in their own homes. Telecare can be used by all age groups, however, is predominately used to assist older people and vulnerable groups to remain within their own homes for as long as possible.

Telecare has been found to be particularly useful to:

People who are becoming increasingly frail and are at risk of falling.
People who have little support and may need the reassurances the service provides; who are struggling to cope at home, and may be regularly admitted to hospital.
People who need support when dealing with environmental risks in the home such as fire or flood.
People with special needs such as learning difficulties.
People with cognitive difficulties such as failing memory.
Those who need links to other agencies.

Telecare can offer a safer environment that can prevent a user having to go into hospital, or to allow an earlier and safer discharge from hospital/care home.

Telecare can support people at home, providing an enhanced feeling of safety and security for both the user and their carer as well as providing a response in an emergency 24 hours a day.


Where it is available?

National service (England).

What it costs:

Our service starts from as little as 50p a day for a pendant and home hub connected 24/7 to a GP led monitoring service.

*Price does not include VAT where applicable*

We offer an 8 week no obligation free trial period.


How to access or apply for it:

Please contact our UK based customer care team on 0800 130 0011 (calls charged at a local rate) or alternatively visit our and view our mi-guardian section to buy online.

Our team will explain the service to you and the next steps. If you are enquiring on behalf of a friend or family and what specialist advice around suitability of the equipment, our Occupational Health team will call you back and supply an over the phone

Our opening Hours are Monday to Friday8.30am to 5.30pm.

Contact our Telecare team on 0800 130 0011 (calls charged at a local rate) or visit our http:/ and visit our mi-guardian section to buy online.


What to expect then:

Should you wish to proceed with the service, we will deliver the equipment next day for orders before 2pm. Equipment comes with an 8 week no obligation free trial.

Contact our Telecare team on 0800 130 0011 (calls charged at a local rate) or visit our and visit our mi-guardian section to buy online.

Additional information:

Contact our Telecare team on 0800 130 0011 (calls charged at a local rate) or visit our and view our mi-guardian section to buy online


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