Control of heating, lighting, power & sensors

Automatic control & monitoring of heating & lighting

What does it do?

Radmiser specialise in supplying heating and lighting systems that can be controlled and monitored either directly, remotely or both. Each room's temperature can be automatically changed according to occupancy/daily schedules.

Changes to the status of a room are displayed on a dashboard to alert the care providers office or an individual that oversees the well being of an elderly person living alone.

The system also enables great financial benefits by the remote or programmed control of room/zones. To date, Care homes are reducing their energy bills by uoto 46% per annum.

Recognised by The Energy Saving Trust our system is a simple retrofit to existing controls that offers peace of mind to those living alone and Financial savings to Care Home providers.

Installation service available by our DBS cleared technicians


Who it is for?

For older people in their own homes as well as for care homes and retirement housing in general

Where it is available?

National service (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales).

What it costs:

For individuals £54.95 per radiator and for Care Homes £75.95 per residents room ( 1 Radiator & 1 Open Window Sensor) the open window sensor will turn down the heating automatically in that room until the window is closed again, also alerting the office/Building manager.

How to access or apply for it:

Telephone 0800 978 8616 or email

What to expect then:

For individuals we would discuss exact requirements and submit an accurate quote. For carehomes a site visit would be arranged to survey exact requirements

We employ DBS cleared engineer's from Orbis protect for the installation in private residences

Additional information:

We believe family members should insist on this system to ensure their elderly parents are warm and safe, they can do this by accessing the 'Dashboard' from their homes and make changes to controls if need be. This eliminates elderly persons having to master awkward timers on room thermostats or remembering to turn radiators up/down in difficult to reach floor level places.

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