What does it do?

Telecare is a range of detectors which can be used to raise an alert within your home or at a control centre.

Telecare sensors can help you maintain your independence, giving you more confidence to remain in your own home and peace of mind and support to family and carers.

Telecare devices can be stand alone or link to Carelink or similar 24 hour monitoring centre and can reduce risks related to incidents such as:

  • Falls - bed and chair sensors, fall detector, movement sensor
  • Wandering - sensors, door alarms
  • Inactivity - movement sensors
  • Medication compliance - prompting aids
  • Flood - specialist plugs and sensors
  • Cooking - temperature extreme sensors, smoke detectors
  • Sensory impairment - flashing and vibrating alerts
  • Memory deficit - prompts

Stand alone devices can be installed to provide you with an alert or reminder, or alert a live in carer in an emergency situation.

Telecare linked devices use technology to provide a direct communication with a monitoring centre using the telephone line and a pendant alarm system.  When a linked sensor is activated it sends a signal to the alarm unit in your home which automatically calls the monitoring centre.

The monitoring centre staff will respond to the call received from devices by offering reassurance and arranging for help by alerting a nominated contact or the appropriate emergency services.