Tower Hamlets Last Years of Life Service

Handyperson Service for older people in Tower Hamlets

What does it do?

Funded by NHS Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group

Registered with the Care Quality Commission our Last Years of LIfe Service provides both emotional and practical support to adults with palliative care needs along with supporting their carers and families through a supportive holistic approach.

This could include:


  • Personal Care Support e.g. hair washing, bathing
  • Befriending
  • Escorting to GP and Hospital Appointments
  • Advocacy
  • Domestic Help e.g. laundry, housework
  • Shopping
  • Information & Advice e.g. completing health related benefit application
  • Practical Support e.g. garden tidy, moving beds downstairs, installing rails etc.

Who it is for?

Older people in Tower Hamlets

Where it is available?

Local service (Tower Hamlets).

How to access or apply for it:

For further information contact the

Home & Care Team on their direct line 020 7183 2994

or email us at


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