Pine Lodge Home Care

Home care in South West

What does it do?

The service provides care, support and practical assistance for adults who find it difficult to manage daily tasks, and who need assistance to remain independent in their own homes.

We tailor our services to meet the needs of each client, and can offer a wide variety of homecare including
•    Personal hygiene
•    Help with getting up and going to bed
•    Dressing
•    Preparation of meals
•    Household Tasks
•    Cleaning
•    Assistance with appointments
•    Leisure activities
•    Shopping
•    Meals on Wheels can also include a ¼ hour welfare check.

Who it is for?

We provide personal care and support for adults of any age and ability, to help them manage their daily routines and household tasks.

Where it is available?

Local service (North Somerset).

What it costs:

Our charges are very competitive, and we can offer visits
(such as welfare checks) from as little as ¼ hour.

How to access or apply for it:

By contacting us via the address, phone number or website shown above.

What to expect then:

Our Home Care Manager will call you to discuss your care needs and the services we can offer.  The next step would be a care assessment which we can carry out either in the home, or a residential environment.

What should applicants expect next?   
Our service is person-centred and we therefore encourage our clients and their family to be involved in the care assessment.  We want our clients to remain in control of their lives, and we tailor each care plan to suit their individual needs.

Additional information:

Any other descriptive info you want to give?    Pine Lodge Home Care operates from the premises of Pine Lodge Care Home, and many of our staff have benefited from having worked out in a residential setting, where they have developed their care and communication skills.  Most of our staff are local and are fully vetted before starting work with us.  As a smaller home care agency, we are able to be very selective in our staff recruitment.   Our ethos is to  :

•    Provide the highest quality care
•    Put our clients’ interests at the heart of everything we do.

We regularly review the care we give and ask from feedback from our clients to check how we are performing and whether there are ways we can improve or enhance our service.


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