Care Choice North West Limited

Home care , home help , Dementia, learning disabilities

What does it do?

Our philosophy at Care Choice North West Limited , is to place the needs of the service user at the heart of all we do, promoting independence and providing care that respects people choice, rights, privacy and dignity. Care Choice North West  is none discriminatory and shall serve all individuals  regardless of race, nationality, language, religion or beliefs, age, sex or sexual orientation, or social standing, nor is there any discrimination made between individuals who pay directly for the service and those who do not.

Our aim is to provide the highest levels of care and service to all invivduals who use our service. This we do by ensuring our care staff are recruited, vetted and trained against a strict framework, with emphasis placed on the quality and continuity
of our support  workers to provide a stable and secure environment for individuals that use our service .

All Care Choice North West Limited Staff will commence the minimum of NVQ 2 within twelve months of employment. All staff will receive quarterly supervisons and annual appriasal and monthly team meetings.

Indiviudals using our service are entitled to a Care Plan, which will be adhered to and provided by Care Choice North West with the arrgrement of the Indvivdual.

Our policies and procedures are written to provide safe services and working practices that help protect both service user and staff. We recognise the need for client choice and where appropriate, family involvement during the planning and delivery of support and that the service is managed and delivered in a way which meets the needs of the individual.

We ensure all parties are kept fully informed at all times with a range of up to date information that allows indvivduals that use our services, their families or carers to make informed choices concerning their care. Information can be made
available in the most appropriate language or format required.

Our quality assurance programme ensures regular quality and performance appraisals are conducted with individuals that ue the service provided. In addition, our formal complaints, disciplinary, grievance and whistle blowing procedures
ensure we are able to capture information to plan and implement on-going improvements to our services.We will treat all people as individuals and with respect. We will  support people to have their say. We work hard to ensure the service meets people’s needs.

We are able to provide Health Care Support Workers to support the following:

•  Older people
•  Older people in supported living schemes
•  People with dementia
•  People with learning difficulties
•  People with mental health problems
•  People with physical disabilities
•  People with sensory loss including dual sensory impairment

We will give people real choices and good information to help them make decisions, promoting independent living but supporting them with all below:

Personal Care - We can provide assistance
with personal care tasks such as:

• Washing
• Shaving
• Oral care
• Dressing
• Toileting
• Continence care
• Feeding Medication
• Assistance with medication
• Assistance getting in/out of bed

Other services – We can provide assistance with the following:

• Making or changing your bed
• Emptying commodes
• Shopping
• Paying service/utility bills
• Collecting pensions
• Laundry and ironing
• Preparing meals, feeding and advising about healthy eating
•  Cleaning and vacuuming

Who it is for?

Dementia,Learning disabilities, Mental health conditions,Personal care,Physical disabilities,Sensory impairments,Caring for adults under 65 yrs and Caring for adults over 65 yrs

Where it is available?

Local service serving within 10km of WN58AG.

What it costs:

£13 per hour
£11 for45 minutes
£9.00 for 30 minutes
£7.00 for 15 minutes  

How to access or apply for it:

Please ring 01942 217546

What to expect then:

Please call Shauna Barton Registered Care Manager for more information about our services

Additional information:

Family run business run by Mother and Daughter

Info last updated:

615 Ormskirk Road, Pemberton, Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN5 8AG