Adapting your home

What does it do?

Your home may be adapted where it is essential to give a disabled person better freedom of movement around the house. Providing you are eligible, assistance may be available to you through Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG). 

This type of work can include:

  • widening doors or installing ramps
  • providing a specially adapted room in which it is safe to leave a disabled person unattended
  • installing a stair lift so there is better access to a bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom
  • installing a downstairs bathroom
  • improving or installing a heating system which is suitable for the disabled person
  • adapting heating or lighting controls so that they are easier to use by a disabled person.

Before any work is carried out we will have to ensure that the work is; necessary, appropriate, reasonable, practicable, and feasible. We use an Occupational therapist to assess the need for the adaptations.

We will also consider if a move to alternative accommodation would be a more appropriate solution to your needs.