Technology Enabled Care Solutions (TECS)

What does it do?

Introduction to Technology Enabled Care Solutions

Modern technology can enable you to stay in your home and live as safely and independently as possible.

A range of technology available including personal aids and adaptationsTechnology Enabled Care includes many different devices, ranging from units where you press a button to connect to a monitoring centre, to systems that help your memory, remind you to take your medication or monitor your wellbeing and environment.  Technology can be used to detect personal risk, for example, it can sense if you fall and can detect dangers in your home, such as smoke, floods and gas leaks, and it can call for help if necessary.

TEC can help to put people in control of their own health, wellbeing and support. It helps to keep people safe, well and independent, and offers them and their families peace of mind.


TEC includes personalised sensors and apps. These can be used to support fitness, health, care and wellbeing for individuals and carers. Other terms used to cover TEC services include: 

assistive technology

digital health

health IT



smart home technologies

artificial intelligence

internet of things