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Live-in Care

What does it do?

Live-in care is an alternative to residential care. It is perfectly suited to those who wish to stay in their own home, but need support to do so.  In essence, it is exactly as it sounds - a care worker will come and 'live-in' the home of a person that needs them.Amongst many other things, in a nutshell Live-in care is:..... Being able to remain in your own home ..... Peace of mind for the whole family..... Keeping couples together forever..... Living life your way..... Maintaining friendships..... One-to-one care & support and so much more.......Access Care introduce expertly qualified live-in care workers who will temporarily reside with the person requiring live-in care in their own home for an agreed period, whether it be on-going or ad hoc weeks. Benefits abound; one-to-one care provided by a friendly and familiar face is perhaps the most obvious. Retaining independence, the flexibility to do as you wish when you wish, companionship, freedom of choice and excellent value for money are just a few others.Live-in care workers support people in all aspects of their day-to-day living. Maintaining independence, promoting mobility, monitoring nutrition, assisting with medication and continuing a preferred routine are just some of the ways care workers strive to improve quality of life. They assist with a multitude of daily tasks such as getting up / going to bed, bathing, dressing, continence management, housekeeping, escorting to special occasions and appointments to name but a few. In brief, they help those in their care to live life.Breakfast in bed at the weekend, home cooked meals with the table set, fresh flowers from the garden each week or having your hair and make-up done just so; Access Care appreciates the finer details in life, and wants your family to enjoy the same.Our live-in carers look for ways to improve quality of life for our clients. Whether we are helping to care for a much loved pet, accompanying to play Bridge, popping to the pub on a Friday night or helping to prepare the home to receive visitors, there are numerous ways that the Access Care live-in care workers make our clients days that little more special.Live-in care represents excellent value for money and ensures true peace of mind. Contact us today to enquire further. 

Who it is for?

We care for anyone over the age of 18 who requires help and support to remain living in their own home.

Where it is available?

National service (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales).

What it costs:

We’ve come to understand that it’s a natural assumption that full-time, live-in care will cost more than residential care. But it’s not quite true; the cost of live-in care doesn’t have to cost more than residential care and in the case of caring for couples, it is by far a more cost effective option. In fact, we have created tiered care options, so you’ll pay for the exact level of care and attention (from the management team) your loved one requires and desires – no more and no less. As a result, we’ll have no problem delivering care that perfectly suits both need and budget. As a starting point for you to consider, our introductory housekeeping & companionship packages start from just £705 per week and our basic care packages from just £815 per week. This cost includes the care workers daily rate and our ‘daily agency fee’ which covers the service we provide to you. Please do contact us to discuss which package would suit you and your family best. We really are here to help!  

How to access or apply for it:

Please call us and have a chat on 01264 326 505

What to expect then:

Once you have made initial contact, we can either send you out a brochure or schedule in a call back if you are still undecided. From then you will need to register with us and we will send one of our Client Relations Consultant out to visit you in your home to start going through you needs, wants and wishes in more detail. Once back in the office we will start matching the perfect carer to your needs and present you with profiles.

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