Complex nursing care at home

24hr complex care nursing team spinal injury ABI MND MS ALS

What does it do?

At 1st for Care, we set up and manage teams to care for clients up to 24
hours a day.  Our ethos is simple, apart from our client and CQC
obligations, we employ a team that works with the client and that is
picked with client and family involvement.  Then we make sure we support
the team as valued employees.  These simply tactics help ensure our
clients are well cared for and feel valued as people.

Our company is led by nurses who have complex care experience.  One director has
worked as a Care Service Manager for a national complex care company
where he managed teams from Chester up to Carlisle and Newcastle, an
adult nurse, with experience of managing teams who look after spinal
cord injury, ABI/TBI, MND and ventilated clients amongst other things.  He
wrote a dissertation on MND and has qualifications in Long Term Conditions. 
Another is a mental health nurse and has spinal cord injury, ABI/TBI and MND nursing
care experience and obvious mental health nurse skills, i.e. an interest in
therapies and great communication skills.  Our registered manager has 30 years
nursing experience and about 10 years complex care experience.

We are happy to help any client who wants to stay at home regardless of
their illness or disease, we relish the complicated cases, but we have
direct experience of the following:

Respite Care
Live-in care
Care for older people
Care for younger people  Spinal Injury Care
Cerebral palsy care Dementia care at home
MS Support
Brain Injury Care

If you think we can help you or any of your clients feel free to drop us an email
back, happy to answer any questions you may have!

Most clients will be funded by CHC, but we can work with our clients who
want to be self funding.  The clients we have managed have usually come
to us via the client’s local CHC team.  We would usually assess the
client before discharge home, agree a level of support and cost with the
CHC/CCG, then form a team around the client’s needs.

We look forward to hearing back from you.   If you need to chat please feel
free to call my mobile number as I am out of the office mostly.  If I
can not answer I will call you back as soon as I can.

Kind regards,


Graham Dalton BSc(Hons) DipHe RN
1st for Care (GB) Ltd
6:3:7 Alston House

Mobile: 07456 780 957
Office: 01524 380 294

Who it is for?

We provide registered nurse managed care for clients with complex care needs , to allow them to emain at home, or in the community.

Where it is available?

Local service serving within 50km of LA14XQ.

What it costs:

This depends on the complexity of care and team size.

How to access or apply for it:

Please contact us by email and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If your need is urgent, please call my mobile number.

07456 780 957


Info last updated:

6:3:8/9 Alston House, Whitecross, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 4XQ