City Wide Care Alarms

What does it do?

City Wide Care Alarms could help you remain safe, secure and independent in your home. We offer you a simple to operate personal care alarm, that puts you in touch with specially trained staff at our emergency call monitoring centre. They’ll help you to resolve any problems you may have.
Unlike some other schemes, we also provide mobile support workers, who respond in an emergency at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. Our support workers are specially trained and equipped, so they can provide professional emergency personal care and falls assistance.
This means you know you’ll be in safe hands, but also you don’t have to rely on family, friends or neighbours being available to come to your assistance.

Who it is for?

Our service is there for anyone who feels a need for the security, safety or increased independence it can bring, either for them or their family. Although many of our current users are elderly, some of whom live alone, the service is for anyone over 18 who may feel vulnerable because of disability, a medical condition, or harassment. .

Where it is available?

Local service (Sheffield).

What it costs:

The City Wide Care Alarms monitoring and response service, including our mobile warden response, is just £4.67 per week. The prices for the additional alarms are:
  • Bed Occupancy sensor - £1.20 per week
  • Bed Occupancy sensor with light - £1.50 per week
  • Fall Detector - £1.20 per week
  • Property Exit Sensor - £1.20 per week
  • Natural Gas Detector - £1.50 per week
  • Chair Occupancy Sensor - £1.00 per week
  • Smoke Detector - 50p per week
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector - 50p per week
  • Extreme temperature Sensor - 50p per week
  • Flood Detector - 50p per week
  • Fixed Alarm/Panic Button - 50p per week
All prices exclude VAT. Customers will not have to pay VAT if they are chronically sick or disabled, for example if they have diabetes. Please contact our office for further information.

How to access or apply for it:

If you’d like to join or to know more about our service, please get in touch.  
Call us free on 0800 013 0980. We’ll be happy to arrange a visit and show you our system working.

What to expect then:

When you join our service we’ll provide you with a portable alarm button (either as a pendant or wrist strap), any additional alarms and we’ll adapt your ordinary telephone to provide a link to our call monitoring centre.
We also ask for some information about you, such as details of friends, relatives, neighbours and your doctor, so they can be contacted if needed. We’ll keep this information strictly confidential.
If you have an accident, emergency or need some assistance, simply press the alarm button, or if one of your automated alarms raises an alarm, a member of our trained staff will contact you. At the same time they’ll have access to your information and will quickly arrange the most appropriate help for you. This could be your doctor, family, friends, our mobile wardens or the emergency services.
Even if you’re unable to reach the telephone, you can hear and speak through it, thanks to its powerful microphone and loudspeaker.
The portable alarm button will activate the alarm within about 80 feet of the main unit, meaning that even if you have a fall away from the telephone, help is still at hand.
If our call centre staff can’t hear you, they’ll treat your call as an emergency and immediately dispatch our mobile support workers.


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