Carers' breaks - Respite care

What does it do?

'Respite care' means helping carers by giving them time off from the physical and mental demands of caring. Even a short break can help you to come back to your caring role refreshed and better able to continue caring.

What types of respite care are available?
To give you a break from the caring role, a number of different schemes operate for young people and adults.

Day respite can be provided to offer short breaks in a range of different ways. They include:
- care in the home
- family support
- day centres for older people
- day care for people with learning disabilities
- care for children with physical or learning disabilities.

Relief to carers service
We can also provide trained care assistants to relieve carers of adults for longer breaks in and out of the home.

Help in an emergency
The Emergency Carers' Support Service is a 24-hour emergency support service for adult carers of adults in Oxfordshire.

Residential short breaks
We may be able to arrange short breaks for the person you care for in a residential or nursing home, perhaps for a weekend or a few weeks.
If you are caring for an older person our Care Services Placement Team is able to give advice to people who wish to make their own private respite arrangements outside of the service that the council provides. Staff can share their knowledge as to what private respite care may be available within the county and provide contact details of care homes for you to follow up. If you would like to talk to someone from the Care Services Placement Team call 01865 787346 or email

Who it is for?

Anyone who undertakes a caring role for a friend or relative who is an older person or has a learning or physical disability or suffers a mental health problem may be able to use respite care services.

Where it is available?

Local service (South Oxfordshire, Vale of White Horse, West Oxfordshire, Cherwell, Oxford).

What it costs:

Care charges
We do have a charging policy for home care and residential care services. The person you care for will have to be financially assessed.

How to access or apply for it:

Respite needs are identified through a carer's assessment. Please contact us for more information. If you wish to be assessed for this service or ask for more information, telephone Social & Community Services at 0845 050 7666.

Additional information:

Although Oxfordshire County Council does not provide this service we can provide information about hospices in Oxfordshire providing respite care.


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