Sheringham Day Centre

What does it do?

The Day Centre is staffed by fully trained carers who have received training in caring for people with dementia. We work with our 'Companions' and their families to create an individual care plan to ensure that their needs are met and that they get the best from each visit.

We offer a sociable environment with a range of activities and a two course home cooked lunch. 'Companions' have the opportunity to have a bath in a safe environment. We also offer a laundry facility. Reasonable rates are charged for a full or half day, bath only, transport, laundry or lunch visit only.

Whilst at the Day Centre you could enjoy a delicious, freshly cooked, meal and choose from a varied menu each day. We provide a home from home friendly atmosphere along with exceptional personal care for either a whole or half day or just for lunch. You could just have a bath or make use of our laundry facilities.

The Good Companions Club Lunch Club runs from the Day Centre from Tuesday to Friday between 11.45 -13.15. It costs  just £7.00 for lunch and a glass of refreshment. Lunches must be booked in advance due to limited places being available. The Club aims to bring people together to make new friends, reduce isolation and to allow participation in activities that will stimulate the mind and body as well as having fun. Activity Sessions on offer include exercise classes, quizzes, music, curling, arts & crafts, bingo and more. However, if you wish to stay for the activities, an additional cost will apply. Please call us on 01263 821188 for more details and cost of the activities.