Bohanam House Day Centre

What does it do?

Day Centre is open Mon to Fri 10am to 3.30 pm approx.  It offers a programme of social activities, lunch and refreshments .  Fully assisted bathing facilities are available subject to assessment.  Hairdressing salon on site.
Transport can be provided and this is wheelchair accessible

Who it is for?

For older frail people living in Gloucester. People with disability or memory impairment

Where it is available?

Local service (Gloucester).

What it costs:

Funding may be available from Glos County Council.  Telephone the Adult Care Directorate Helpdesk on 01452 426868.  You would need to meet the Glos CC eligibility critera and would have a Needs and Financial assessment carried out.
Otherwise people can fund their place privately.  For details of cost contact the Tel No below

How to access or apply for it:

Telephone Mrs Edwards, Day Centre Manager, 01452 876195.

If you require help with funding your place contact Adult Care Directorate Helpdesk on 01452 426868


Info last updated:

Barnwood Park, 2 Barnwood Road, Gloucester, GL2 0RX