Car Scheme Plus

Community Car Scheme Plus

What does it do?

What can it be used for?

We can arrange transport for most purposes including shopping; travelling to work; going for a meal; access to local services or support groups; GP appointments; visiting friends or family.

Where can I go?

The service operates in and around the Bassetlaw area, but occasionally can go further afield. Please ask for details.

Who it is for?

Who can use Car Scheme Plus?

  • People living in Bassetlaw who are registered with Car Scheme Plus through Bassetlaw Action Centre
  • People who are unable to use public transport due to mobility difficulties
  • Anyone who does not have access to a local public transport service

Where it is available?

Local service (Bassetlaw).

What it costs:

How do I pay?

Cash payment should be made direct to the driver on completion of the journey. Alternative arrangements for payment by invoice can be made available on request.

How to access or apply for it:

How do I join/book a journey?

You must register with Car Scheme Plus at Bassetlaw Action Centre to be eligible to use this service. There is currently a £20 fee to register. We recommend booking early.

Additional information:

Volunteer drivers

We’re always looking for more volunteer drivers. If you want to help out in your community and can spare a few hours each month, get in touch. Expenses will be paid and training provided.

Car Scheme Plus is a non-profit making service that is available to local residents who are registered to the Car Scheme Plus scheme through Bassetlaw Action Centre, to travel around the Bassetlaw area. Requests will also be considered for travel further afield.

Bassetlaw Action Centre is a charitable organisation and non-profit making. The mileage charge is calculated to cover the costs of fuel, insurance, servicing, training and administration costs.

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