Lifeline Service

Lifeline is a telephone based system which you can use to summon help

What does it do?

Lifeline is a telephone based system which you can use to summon help, call assistance, or give you reassurance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The Control Centre

The Control Centre fills many other roles, such as, ‘crime prevention', ‘aversion of crisis', ‘general information provider' and a ‘link with other statutory and voluntary services' for our customers.  

Connect a Lifeline to your telephone line and let us be a safeguard in your life. Whenever you need to summon help in an emergency or reassurance. We are here to help around the clock, day and night.

Our service to you

If you are elderly or disabled and have a telephone line our Lifeline Service can be connected and helping you within 24 hours. Call 01926 339577 and the person you call will arrange for a Mobile Liaison Officer to call you back and make a firm appointment with you at a date and time that suits you. This contact is usually made within 24 hours of your initial enquiry.

Who it is for?

The main role of the lifeline service is to obtain help for an elderly or disabled person when an emergency arises. The 'Lifeline' is connected to our Control Centre and there is always a Control Operator on duty to respond immediately.

Eligibility criteria

  • Anyone with a disability regardless of age
  • Anyone who has a special need or personal circumstances that make them vulnerable
  • Any tenure

Where it is available?

Local service (Warwick).

What it costs:

The costs

If you live in the Warwick or Stratford District Council area we work with local charities to provide the equipment for you for which you make a donation. Alternatively, we have equipment which can be provided on a rental basis, subject to availability.

For a modest charge we will monitor the equipment for you.

Additional information:

We will

  • Call the customer within 24 hours of the original enquiry
  • Install equipment on a date and time personally arranged with the customer or their family
  • Provide a replacement unit within 48 hours should the customer's unit develop a fault and need repair this is free of charge.
  • Endeavour, as far as practically possible, to ‘tailor' the service to suit each individual's needs
  • Provide a basic monitoring service with visits from a Mobile Warden and attendance in the case of emergency at the Council's discretion
  • Respond appropriately in times of other difficulty or emergency
  • We recommend that you install a keysafe on your property and we will make a referral for this to Age Concern on your behalf (there is a charge for this service)


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