Staying Safe

What does it do?

Don’t ignore it! Please contact Kingston Community Care Services. We know that raising concerns about abuse is not easy and we will handle your call with care. Once you have contacted us, and with your permission, we will carry out careful and sensitive enquires.
What happens then will depend on the seriousness of the situation. If you are the person being abused, we will offer you information and advice so that you can make an informed choice about any help you need or action you might want to take.
If you are contacting us about someone else and they are unable to make an informed choice, we will make sure they are properly cared for and protected.

Who it is for?

Anyone in Kingston upon Thames who is a vulnerable adult person who is being abused or believed to being abused. Abuse is harming, mistreating, or hurting someone. It can happen in different ways such as:

Hitting, slapping, shaking, pushing, or making someone eat, drink or take medication when they don’t want to
Shouting, swearing, ignoring, insulting, humiliating, or embarrassing someone
Not caring for someone properly or denying someone choice, information or privacy
Unwanted touching, kissing, sex or sexual teasing
Insulting or being disrespectful to a person because of their race, religion, disability, sex, age or sexual orientation (being gay or straight)
Using someone’s money, property or personal things without their permission or under pressure

Where it is available?

Local service (Kingston upon Thames).

How to access or apply for it:

Contact the Adult Safeguarding Coordinator
Telephone: 020 8547 4735
Fax: 020 8547 6142


Info last updated:

Guildhall 2 High Street, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 1EU