Day Centres

What does it do?

The day centres promote older people to continue to lead a largely independent life. The activities provided within the day centres are designed to uphold self-fulfilment within the members.

Who it is for?

Day centres are available for members of the community who may find themselves less able to get out unaccompanied but still have the desire to enjoy a day out. Some Day centres provide the opportunity for people to share a cooked meal and to join in with activities provided by the centre. This affords a valuable chance for individuals to socialise with other members of the community.

Where it is available?

Local service (Isle of Wight).

Additional information:

These services are commonly available following an Assessment of Need. This is a discussion with you to find out how best to support your needs. We will look at your needs and decide whether you are eligible for attending one of our day centres.


Info last updated:

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