This workbook is intended as a “teach yourself” resource for older people, their families, carers or professionals who would like a basic knowledge of housing & care options in later life.

Home is important. It is where we spend most of our time, particularly as we get older. Home can hold lots of memories for us – it could be where we have lived for a long time, brought up children, and it is where we are most comfortable. As we get older, our needs change and there may be some aspects of living independently that become difficult – such as getting up and down stairs or climbing into the bath. It is these things that might cause us to consider whether our home suits our changing needs. However, it is important to begin to consider this sooner rather than later – knowing what options are available to you can help you make an informed decision and avoid rushing into making choices that may not be right for you, particularly at a time of crisis such as following a stay in hospital.

Publisher: Care & Repair England
Published Date: 2015
Author: Sue Adams
Length: 25pp