Looking ahead to 2026, the rising number of older people, combined with increased longevity, will create a much greater need for properties suitable for the impaired and averagely frail very old. This calls for a commitment to new ‘lifetime’ homes, constructed with the lifestyles of older people in mind. There is a need to plan ahead for the whole of the ageing population, not just those who will be eligible for state-supported social care. This includes the increasing number of ageing owner-occupiers who require suitable smaller properties into which to downsize – the so-called ‘last-time movers’ as opposed to the ‘first-time buyers’.

This paper provides some background information on issues addressed in the ‘Housing and extra care housing’ section of Chapter 9 (‘New influences on care’) of this Review (The Wanless Review), including references to some studies that have recently been published on these subjects.

Publisher: Kings Fund
Published Date: 2006
Author: Teresa Poole
Length: 33pp