This report provides findings from ‘crisis moments’, a Leverhulme Trust funded research project. The research comprised: a series of 71 in-depth interviews that explored shared owners’ experiences in London, the South-East and East of England; 20 in-depth interviews with providers and stakeholders; and a total of six weeks’ observation in two housing associations, examining the day-to-day practices of managing shared ownership homes. The study objectives were to understand more about this hybrid housing tenure through considering stakeholder, resident and housing association experiences and perceptions of the tenure. We did so through examining various events, ‘crisis moments’,
that were said to occur and occurred during a shared owner’s residence.

Using this lens of ‘crisis moments’, the research considered what difference, if any, the unique construction of shared ownership tenure made to residents’ experiences of home.

Publisher: University of Bristol
Published Date: 2015
Author: Dave Cowan, Alison Wallace, Helen Carr
Length: 112pp